Village shopping

Visited the small town of Pleasantville,  NY this weekend. They have a quaint “The Village Bookstore” which is small but packed with books. Classical music played and you cannot help but feel relaxed. I found a number of good reads ;)


Sky Star Jewelry Estate is offering deep discounts on jewelry of all kinds. I love Silver & Bohemian jewelry – joy!!


Completing our visit at “The Black Cow” for their yummy blend of coffee.


Spending this weekend getting my knitting on.
A friend made a beautiful Scood (scarf hood) and I am giving it a go too. I love the colors, it reminds me of coffee.


Sara is my go to gal

When I need a nice jooshed up floral gift I can always count on Sara. She works in the floral department at my local ShopRite supermarket at 1 City Center in White Plains. She loves her job and it shows in her work. The prices are also reasonable.

Great job on my Orchid plant Sara!!



I scored a nice deal at Barnes & Noble today. Waiting just 2 weeks and they are all 50% off! The rack was a bit of mess buy I searched and found this leather 2015 calendar in  pretty color.


I used a 15% off coupon I received via email off on top of that. Total = $6.88 ☺

Cold Winter day = Soup!

Acorn Squash soup on the menu. Very simple, fresh tasting soup is a winner!!

1 large Acorn squash – do not peel (chop in pieces)

1 medium onion (chunked)
1 large Elephant garlic ( leave  peel on)

Olive oil
Black Pepper


Roast all of the above at 450 degrees in a large roasting pan. Roast til the edges are toasty.


Remove pan and allow the veggies to cool.

Scoop the squash out and discard the skin of squash and garlic.


Put in in the kitchen Aid and pulse til smooth. It will be thick.


In your pot add veggie/ chicken broth until you get the consistency you like. I added 1.5 cups.


Stir and simmer. You may add coconut milk just 1 minute before serving for a creamier consistency.

Infinity scarves…

3 Infinity Scarfs Dec 2014 gifts

I made a number of infinity cowls for gifts this Christmas.  I also made one for myself in the pink/rose color. I used a K hook for the Peacock Blue cowl and a J hook for the other two using a hdc on all.

My current WIP is a neck warmer cowl in a V-stitch:

Purple Cowl neck warmer 12.2014

Pretty find – Zygo

Christmas Cactus

Stumbled on a  pretty find today, at ShopRite, Christmas Cactus’ for $1.99!!

Bought two of them. One looks like darker Pink, the other lighter Pink – just gorgeous!!

Christmas Cactua ZYGO

Veterans Day 2014

A heartfelt thank you to all Veterans!!

veterans day HONORING ALL

SpOOKy true story

Most everyone has a story (or two) on the SPOOKiest thing that has even happened to you.

I’ve had a few myself, this one comes to mind.

It was a crispy Fall morning and I was walking to work, then suddenly the wind just happened to blow a local newspaper under my feet…instead of just kicking it away and continue walking, I glanced down. OMG… the paper was opened to the obituaries (if that isn’t unusual enough) I was starring at the name of my long lost great uncle!! He had died just a week before, alone. Pretty sad. We were not sure how to find him while he was alive since he has no spouse or children. We had been trying to locate him too. Guess he wanted us to know. I no longer believe in coincidence.

My mini haul from the Sheep & Wool festival (Rhinebeck, NY)

Our mini haul

I planned for my mini haul this past weekend. Having seen the prices last year I knew much of what I wanted would not be discounted. I bought a few skeins of baby Alpaca, so very soft, a hank of Miss Bab’s Yowza (Prince) washable Merino and some Mini Mochi. I plan on making cowls for my nieces and myself.

Also bought two large size bamboo hooks (size 12 & larger!) as well as Knitter’s Pride circular knitting needles (size 7 & 10).Some homemade soaps, two handmade mugs painted  for me and hubby), fabric, buttons, and two sets of earrings, some fabric and a few of the felted animals and such filled my bag. I managed to buy my favorite thing, a handbag!! Also bought a foldable tote in Leopard print.

Had a wonderful time with some of the ladies of my Stitch & Bitch at the festival and got to see a few Ravelry friends too!


October in the Hudson Valley, NY

There are many wonderful things to do during the Fall months in NY and up here in Westchester county.

Me and a few friends spent the day in Cold Spring, NY this weekend. It’s a quaint town with antique shops, and mom & pop stores along the beautiful Hudson river.Wall of Ivy 10.14

The Foundry cafe serves up hot coffee. beverages, huge muffins (I highly recommend the Pumpkin walnut!). We sat out on their cafe tables, sipped hot coffee, some herbal tea as we shared that muffin – it was yum!

The town was hopping not just with locals but tourists visiting NYC, College students, etc.

A ride on the trolley took us down to the riverfront where we spent time knitting. It was a great day with friends!

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Hispanic Heritage Month – Artist

Hispanic – Spanish culture or origin regardless of race,  people from many different countries and cultures.

I’m profiling a Puerto Rican Artist, Francisco M Oller. Here is a collection of some of his work.

The Fransico Oller museum is located in Bayamon, PR.

El Velorio f oller

I appreciate the detail and simplicity of his Art. I was fortunate enough to view his Art on display at the Museo de Barrio, in NYC. I never met him but he is also my great grandfather :)

Happy Fall Cooking

Autumn starts tomorrow but here in NY the days are already cooler. So, I’ve actually turned the oven on again! Although we had a mild Summer, the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven. I rarely make pasta but when I do I go all out. This dish could easily be made with zuccini/squash and gluten free pasta, if need be. I made this the other evening…mmm, mmm…

Shells lasagna

Box of shells – cook halfway, al dente

6 oz can of Tomato paste & can of tomato puree
Add fresh/powdered garlic, a bayleaf, pinch of oregano, & red
pepper flakes, salt, black pepper – simmer.

Stir in 6 oz of Ricotta cheese to the finished sauce.

Cook your ground meat with same spice used above (I used Turkey) it can also be made with meat.

Spray/oil the bottom of your lasgana pan (I used a smaller 12×9″ pan) and made 3 layers. Double your recipe to make a larger lasagna.

Add a ladle of tomato sauce to the bottom of the lasagna pan.
Layer pasta, scatter frozen green beans, cheese (shredded mozzarella &
cheddar cheese, sauce and repeat 3x’s. Add sauce and cheese to
the top. Cover with foil and bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes

Home Goods – my mini haul

Back in town and quickly made my way to the nearest Home Goods store.  I used my $100 gift card = mini haul fun!

The store was neat, well supplied and had clearance shelves in every department.

 Largest box Rose NY

3 Boxes

I love their boxes!!! The largest one, 16″  was $10, 14″  was $8 and the 12″ round hat box was $6. They are priced 60% less then what I’ve seen them sell for! They will hold some yarn, accesories and for some crocheted baby items I’ve already made.

A few pics help to give you and idea of what they sell ….and this does not even cover the bedding, toys,  furniture and rugs!


New project underway!

A sneak peek at some of the baby hats:

Baby hats 82114 for Hats from the Heart WP HospBlue & Wht baby hat3 Baby Hats Hats from the Heart

Summer 2014 is nearly over! Summer concerts, trips to the beach and picnics coming to a end. It was memorable spending time with my niece and nephew – making good memories.

The ladies of my Stitch & Bitch are always anxious to start a newproject that the group work on to produce items for charity. Lois came up with the idea to make baby hats for the newborns – “Hats from the Heart” will go to newborn babies at White Plains Hospital.


I used Caron Simply Soft, H hook.

1) Magic loop 12 dc

2) 2 dc in each st *

3) 2 dc st, 1dc st  *

4) 2 dc st, 1 dc st, 1dc st , 2 dc st *

5) 1 dc st * 

Repeat round 5 until you have 10 rounds.

6) The final round make 1 sc *  

On a more serious note – my mom continues to battle Pancreatic Cancer with amazing strength. I am very proud of her. The Cancer had spread to her liver and the doctors said the chemo “may” address the liver cancer…a recent scan has proven that it did!! Liver Cancer = GONE!!! Wish they could do that with the Pancreas…some day…

Palombo opens in downtown


White Plains, NY:  PALOMBO: Pastry shop – Bakery – Gelateria – Cafe

A new store opened yesterday, 7/9/14. Located on the corner of Martine & Court St (across from 7-11).

The store space is small, clean and welcoming. There were a number of employees available to take orders and they all had smiles.  I asked to meet the owners but was told they were not there.  Oh well, I would have liked to meet them since it’s new.

There are a few club chairs with small tables so you can sit, sip and nibble something sweet. They also offer two trays of sugar free cookies. The coffee bar is good looking, They serve Espresso & other varieties and flavored coffee beverages. They also have boxed tea.

The counter is attractive and inviting. A counter of Gelato with a few varieties is up near the front counter. Around the side are long glass counters loaded with delicious looking baked goods.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of Italian pastries, cakes and cookies they offer a lot. Everything looks very good.

I was hoping for a full Italian bakery that would carry a line of crusty sesame covered NY Italian bread – nah, not quite. The employee pointed to a sad looking loaf…really!?

Well, I wish them well. It’s a great location.

Bursts of color

Outdoor enclaves for lunching… one of our fav spots. The large pots are always bursting with seasonal flowers. These Petunias are gorgeous!!
Outdoor lunch cafe

Container plants are bursting with color, all over!


Makes walking downtown even more enjoyable.

Streetscape 62214

Serving up Sunshine

I saw this neat idea and gave it a try. One egg is about all this green pepper ring could hold. I trimmed the over spill and added a dash of salt & pepper. It came out fine.

Tip: griddle must be hot or the egg will run out.  Once the egg is in the pan reduce the heat to very low and let the egg cook.


Egg in pepper ring

Rose bloom

June 1st…Roses always bloom in June, in New York. These are small but beautiful – and what a great color!Rose bush

Colorful Crochet

COLORFUL handbag 5.16.14

It’s Spring and I’m loving using multiple colors!!! Working on a handbag inspired by Lucy @…I used acrylic yarn. I usually make my Spring/Summer bags and totes out of cotton. So, I’m in search of a good supply of cotton yarn…0n sale of course!

This makes good use of scraps. A handbag is a necessity, for me!! Now, to sew on the handles! I will also be line the inside of this bag with cotton/ muslin. This bag measures 24″ x 14″ :)


I used some of the leftover yarn, I made this soft cover for my Kindle.

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