My Bzz list…

So, who doesn’t like FREE!! I ♥ product testing and getting free products/samples …some are real “hits” others…

This is my latest Kudos list:

Boscia’s Peppermint Blotting Linens
(the mint feels refreshing) their Green Tea Linens work wonders too. The pack is easy to slip into a cosmetic bag and come 100 ct . Considering 100 ct will last a while it is also reasonably priced @ $10 a pack.

Thomas’s Bagel Thins
, 110 calories, regular size bagels. They come 8 to a pack and is doubled wrapped to stay fresher longer. They are about a 1/2′ think and come pre-sliced…nice! I have made easy breakfast sammies with them.
I noticed a few varieties, an “everything” bagel, cinnamon raisin etc. on the shelf. Priced at $3.99. I received a freebie offer along with coupons making this a real “hit” in my book!

L’Oreal EverStrong shampoo & conditioner While this has been around for awhile I only tried it after receiving a sample pack. These are Sulfate free products…it really makes a difference and the conditioner works. I often see sales & coupons for this so the price of $5.99 is not too bad. Hopefully, more products will start making sulfate free shampoo & conditioner too.



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