New England

We enjoyed some time away up in New Hampshire…it was magnificent!!!
As we drove up and down country roads lined with 2 foot high stone fences, many properties with bare maple trees now had tin half-gallon buckets hanging on them. It was the first time I saw maple syrup being collected. Some had small outdoor sheds with a pipe of steam shooting up – they were actually boiling the syrup down. It takes 40 gallons of syrup to make 1 gallon of maple syrup for the table!! Come to think of it, $37 for a half gal is reasonable!

As we passed through small towns we stopped every opportunity we got to absorb the majestic views of the mountains which anytime of the year is breathtaking! Fortunately, it did not snow while we were on vacation but the woods were for the most part still covered in snow/ice as were many of the lakes. One day the temps rose to 47 degrees which was unusual for March. We took that opportunity to go to a inlet off Rye Beach and take pics of the ocean.

We visited towns I spent long lazy summers visiting as a child and many wonderful improvements and some small towns that haven’t changed very much…not sure how that happens! There is one town, Portsmouth which is on the seacoast part of NH and very close to Maine. Well this “city” as they call it is one hopping artsy and thriving town. It’s so New England …now with a healthy mix of avant-garde shops, eateries, both casual and upscale retail & restaurants. It’s the kind of town everyone would feel comfortable in. And of course a very busy Starbucks… as well as local coffee shops. Patrons seem very comfortable seated in outdoor tables many of whom had their dogs right by their side, art & craft galleries, street artists playing some large instrument and a dose of funky fun things all mixed together…we loved it!!

This beautiful Church sits in the center of town…and a large black four-legged baby was getting all the attention in front of it!


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