On the menu (Easter)

Sunrise service was beautiful, temps here in NY went up to 65° then we had brief showers early evening and now the sun in shining again…perfect weather for an evening walk!

Thanks to ShopRite and their rewards program, this huge ham was free!! I made a 1/2 c brown sugar, 2 T mustard (yea, mustard, lol) a dash of ground ginger and 1/4 c ketchup mixture then spread it over the entire ham. I forgot to add the can of crushed pineapple… ah!! Thankfully, it was very moist and tasty!

I made a traditional Puerto Rican side dish, Arroz con Gandules (Rice & Pigeon peas). I finished with chopped scallions which is not at all traditional but I had a bunch.

2 c uncooked rice

1 can of gandules (found in the Spanish section)


2 T olive oil

2 cloves garlic

1/2 onion minced

2 T green olives with pimento

1 T capers

1 t of Sazon or similar Spanish seasoning packet

1/2 t salt

Add the rice to the saute and gently mix the entire can of gandules into the rice. Add water/chicken broth measuring 2″ above the level of rice. Cook covered (DO NOT STIR or it will get sticky) and under low fire/heat for at least 20 minutes.

Green beans

Canned cranberry sauce



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  1. Ooooo, your dinner looks FABULOUS, Dee! I love the added bonus of your FREE ham, too!

  2. Thank you Becca! You’re an inspiration!!

    Had I not received the free ham I would have made a roast pork (also called pernil in Spanish) which is traditional for us.

  3. Wow a free ham what a deal! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Free Ham, beautiful weather, and great food, what could be better? Maybe fitting in a little knitting? Whatcha been working on?

    • Oh yes C…a few stitches even on my busiest days!!
      I’m making a slew of market tote bags so I expect to continue working on them for a few months. I’m also going to start more Amigurumi projects as well since they are very easy to travel with.