A trip through GCS

That’s New York’s Grand Central Station…

Not unlike the average New Yorker I find myself rushing through this bustling station on my way to or from somewhere important (always important! lol) It’s rare that I find myself with extra time to have a leisurely look around at the many shops and eateries. My train leaves ever 20 minutes so it’s not as though I must make a train. I tend to get caught up in the bustle to get out of the city and hustle alongside everyone else. However, I decided this time I’d slow down and take an extra half hour, window shop, stop for a quick bite and snap a few pics. I ate at, of all places, Zaro’s bakery! And now they serve grilled hot dogs and savory stuffed breads. This was perfect! So, for $2.99 I enjoyed a stuffed savory cheese & herb filled croissant. No need to sit in a restaurant or go through a menu trying to decide…this was perfect! And yes, it was rich and very yummy!

So, these pics are mostly from their Market area which has among other sections, a vibrant fruit & veggie section of local farmers produce, a gourmet cheese section, health foods, breads, bakery, snacks & nut mixes of every variety, a fish section, flowers, etc. Each stand was well stocked with fresh looking products. I need to make a trip into the city just to visit this market place…soon, I tell myself.

Lastly, on my way to my train with just 3 minutes to go I see this! I couldn’t resist *Dahlia*

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