Happily married to an awesome man…how I got so lucky?…no clue!
I’m a proud Auntie to my nieces, Kristen & Bella & nephew Joshua ♥

I’m a Christian, a doer, deal seeker, Q-pon lover and a very optimistic “sweeper”. My hobbies are many!! I love fiber arts & textiles. I ♥ crochet! I also enjoy quilting, & painting.
I love to laugh & enjoy really good comedy & adventure movies.
A perfect day might involve antique & bargain shopping, bicycling or just walking around my beautiful city. Me & hubby ♥ the arts, local concerts and the theater.

My favorite authors are Grisham & Patterson.

  1. Thanks for stopping by Lapghans of Love and following. I love to crochet as well, but unfortunately I’m not so great at it. But I do it anyway. 😀

  2. Thanks for visiting with me and following. I love Grisham and Patterson too, have you read Michael Connolly? he’s pretty good too 🙂

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