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Going out to PR

I’m sending boxes via Priority Mail, 2-4 day…idk. My first box was full of canned foods, soups & crackers is still on it’s way out to friends in Puerto Rico. Still waiting, one week later to confirm arrival. It’s going to a PO Box too so it ought to be there by now but the USPS web site still shows it as “on it’s way”.

Some additional items I’ve collected, from friends are waiting to go out. I have a bunch of cleaning supplies which they no doubt need. I hear mold is growing on whatever walls still standing.

I’m so very grateful to a group of my friends who are sponsoring this family and others.

The situation is so dire over there. I heard that folks are becoming depressed…ya think!? No power, food or water.




How you can help a family in Puerto Rico

HelpI know some folks want to help a family in Puerto Rico but do not know one…well, I do! They are a “family” of my heart, parents with a young 5 y/o boy that you can help. They live in a remote area of the island. I know it will take a lot to recover but I also know every bit will help them. They are a good and hard working family who are not looking for a hand out but will gladly receive any help as they recover from this disaster. Now that the post offices are open in PR folks can receive items.

I will be sending a box(es) soon.  I hope to collect over the next few months, through the holidays. One person can help but together we can do so much more. I’m accepting donations of products:  items like paper plates/ forks/ canned food items/ soups/ crackers/ dried goods/ hand sanitizer/ cleaning  supplies/ trash bags/ TP, paper towels/ clorox wipes/ baby wipes, etc.) or monetary donations, of any amount, you can send a gift to my paypal

No offer is too small – everything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!




Jazz Fest – Paquito D’ Rivera

A fun night listening to Paquito D’ Rivera Quintet.




So many of us are a nervous wreck  because of this crazy weather – either going through one of these Hurricanes, having lived through a few, knowing many who live there and have not evacuated. WHEW!!! – one huge exhale at a time. It feels like one long Hurricane! My prayers are with all in the path of these storms.

I’m glad I have my fiber projects to work on – it sure helps with anxiety.

My Stitch & Bitch are working on a charity project making blankets for:

I am stitching away on these 8×8″ squares.



Neat find for organizing…

I’m always in search of simple and better ways of organizing. Space is limited, and my hobbies want to take over!! Not only yarn, but jewelry & beading, acrylic paint supplies and sewing stuff. I need to contain my crafts and found these neat units I purchased online @ Reasonably priced @ $109 for the larger 16 ct and approximately $65 for the 8 ct unit. The boxes/cubes I selected are good quality. I love that the unit (the 8 ct one) can be turned horizontally and used that way or standing upright. The boxes/cubes hold quite a bit too.

The units are heavy which is why I gladly paid the delivery charge.

While I did not assemble them, friends of ours completed all three, in less than an hour.





Miss you, mom.

                                                             Eternal peace is yours.


For the love of Accessories

Here are a few new finds of some cool accessories.

It’s my first time trying the Gorilla glue – works well. I also like the simple and effective screw on and off top… it seals well after using.

Now, off to craft!

Catskill Artists Gallery

Received this beautiful suncatcher as a Birthday gift, from a dear friend.

It’s hanging on my window now and makes and me smile every time I see it.



Compact & easy blending

Cool deal!!

This neat Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender, it’s under $20, at Walmart. It comes with two travel jars & lids.

It’s simple and does the job for quick smoothies. This is compact and easy enough to bring along when traveling. Clean up is simple too.

I’ve been making fruit smoothies using frozen blueberries & mango, adding 2 t of Chia seeds, plain Greek yogurt and some Almond Milk.  No need to add any sugar – the fruit is sufficient. I add 2 ice cubes and blend. Voila!



Birthday fun…

I started celebrating earlier, on Friday. It’s always nice to share a cake with friends.

Dinner and a movie was how we spent the evening.

Morton’s Steakhouse opened in our downtown area, on Mamaroneck Ave.  It’s modern, classy and expensive. We were seated and given a personalized menu…very nice touch! Service was very good and our waitress was attentive.


The manager came over with a beautiful bouquet of Roses…for me!? Yes!! A super special surprise from hubby.

They served large warm onion bread. We shared Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and toasted with a Stella. Very good.

My order a Cesar’s salad but it was a huge plate of the White parts of Romaine lettuce, with what looked like two pieces of melba toast…no parm cheese? No, thank you. I returned it for a Bibb Salad which was yum. It had chunks of fresh pear, walnuts/pecans and vinegrette dressing.  Hubby enjoyed the Braised Beef Short Rib which he loved. It was delicious and very tender.


Baby Booties on my hooks…


Working on these for a friend expecting her first baby, a boy! These stitch up quickly and can be embellished with ribbon or buttons. I’m looking for small football buttons to add…my friend is a huge football fan!

Using ‘Shine’ cotton from Knit Picks – it’s very soft, has a nice subtle sheen and comes in a variety of colors …perfect for baby booties. Pattern tutorial:

I crocheted a spa cloth but I did not like how the stitch spread open after one wash. So, I’ll use it for smaller baby accessories. I’m going to try their worsted weight which I expect will be more durable for larger items like a baby blanket.




Neat finds

Feeling ready for Spring & Summer with these neat finds while I was in Orlando.

This Waverly cross body bag & wallet (in the $20 range) sold separately @ one a Walmart Superstore. They also have a satchel and a larger tote ….which I am tempted to buy. I love black & white prints!


I found this pretty Sally Hansen gel (Little Peony #247). Perfect color for the season.





Morse Museum – (Tiffany)

If you are in the Orlando, Florida area a visit to the Morse Museum is a must.

On a recent visit to this amazing museum, in Winter Park, FL.

Admission is reasonable at $6/adults.

There are numerous boutiques & restaurants within walking distance in the charming European inspired town of Winter Park, Florida.

The last photo is in their chapel…just gorgeous!!


Springtime favs

It’s looking and feeling like Spring lately.

This is my new soft Cotton mini yarn stash. It wasn’t easy selecting from the tons of colors Knit Picks offers on this yarn. It’s cotton & modal blends. I find this very interesting about Modal:

The sheen is pretty and is so much softer than the Lily Sugar & Cream yarn I’ve used.


Here are some of the colorful skeins I bought.

Crocheting with Spring Colors

On my hooks: Spa cloths ( using Lily Sugar & Cream yarn) using the half double crochet, the double crochet  and moss stitch.  I’m eagerly awaiting my Knit Picks order of their cotton yarn.  I ordered light, Spring time colors like Peapod & Blush.


A local Mall is looking Springy with a really huge display of these Orchids…beautiful!!



Netflix series

“The Land of Steady Habits” (a new Netflix series) is filming in downtown White Plains, NY today. Huge trucks lined the street. “You just missed seeing Edie Falco said the Kraft service guy as I walked by. What fun!

In the oven & on my needles!


Spring is in the air in NY! After a nice Sunday morning walk, it’s knitting & cooking for the rest of the day. I’m making a few meals, for the week – including roasted chicken and turkey meatloaf.


1 lb of ground Turkey – you can make a larger loaf with more Turkey.

Add 1 medium onion, chopped

1 egg

1/2 of a Green/Red/Yellow Pepper (diced)

3 cloves of fresh garlic

1/2 t of both garlic powder & onion powder

1 t of Mustard (whichever you prefer) 1 t of Ketchup

1/2 cup of raw Oatmeal

Salt & Black Pepper

Cover in foil and bake at 350 – approx 35 -45 minutes or until done.

You cna make a sauce to cover the meatloaf using ketchup, mustard to cover the entire loaf and bake during the last 1o minutes.

My current WIP:

On my circular needles: the Red White & Blue newborn baby hats (for our hospital charity project). I had a random ball in my stash but this Red Heart Yarn batch is years old and has shorter color striping resulting in a spiral look.



Working with Red Heart Yarn, “Americana” self striping Red White & Blue making newborn baby hats for one of my charity projects.  Lois, a member of my Stitch & Bitch collects baby hats for the newborn babies of White Plains Hospital.  We often make hats with holiday theme colors. She came up with the brilliant idea to make these inclusivity hats as a “welcome to America” for the newborn babies. Red Heart Yarn can be found at any yarn store & places like Walmart for $2.88 a skein (in NY). One skein makes 3 hats.

I will glady accept yarn donations from anyone in the Westchester County in the NY area.


Women’s March in NYC


We boarded the Metro North train into the city, a 32 minute ride, from Westchester county. At every train stop more and more Pink Pussy Hats entered. There was a common exitement in the train and even at Grand Central Terminal, although it was packed by everyone moved along smoothly. It was easier than rush-hour. The positive energy at the March was palpable and emotional. We did not bring signs, thinking we’d get a few at the March. Instead, a nice  random guy handed us extra handmade signs he had. And, a women handed out some cool buttons. Nice!

The Batala Drumming group of NY were amazing – all female ‘badass’ drummers – they  performing along the March.= rocking the city streets!

The crowds were massive, over 400k in NYC & many more  from Marches all over the world – unreal! We were united, “we the people” all marching for civil rights, for all. Men, many families with children and, older folks converged onto 42nd street then 5th Avenue.  As a native New Yorker I’d never been a part of such a large gathering. – it was surreal. Even the weather cooperated – with temps in the 40’s.

I am grateful I was able to share this historic day standing alongside my husband.

New finds in 2017

My pretty new monthly calendar was 50% off (for waiting 2 weeks) @ Barnes & Noble.


Love to snag a nice deal on these Tocca roller-ball fragrance. They were 50% @ Anthropologie and one regular price at my other fav, Sephora. I’ve enjoyed the ‘Cleopatra’ (foral) scent for awhile now and needed a new one. I also decided to try, and like both the ‘Stella’ (citrusy) and ‘Florence’ (woodsy). I lke them all!