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Happy Easter

After service tomorrow we’re going to a relative’s home and bringing a mini kitchen of cooked food.

I’m busy today boiling and dying several dozen eggs. A dozen hard boiled will remain intact and colored with food coloring. With the rest of the eggs I’m making deviled eggs. Hard to believe but I’ve never made deviled eggs!! I was inspired to try when I saw it online. I opted to use beet juice to dye them – works beautifully!! With some of the eggs I boiled and cracked but, did not peel. I soaked them in the juice for a half hour then peeled them. It resulted in a neat marbled look.

These eggs have the shell removed and are soaking in beet juice (straight from cans of beets).

Easter eye dying w Beet juiceEaster deviled eggs 4.19.14

Egg salad: I mixed in spicy mustard, salt, pepper, mayo then garnished with dried dill and paprika.

I’m making potato salad, a 14 lb ham garnished with pineapple chunks (a tradition in our home). Love getting this free deal from ShopRite with their annual “spend this and get a FREE Ham, etc”. Easter Ham 4.2014

Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you for dying for all of us!!!  Happy & Blessed Easter dear friends!!



Haven’t seen such a good snowstorm in years, like the Nor’Easter we had today.  I’m enjoying every moment of Winter!

Not sure why, but  our Post Office was closed – so much for conducting business! City buses appear to be running OK . And DPW  has plowed since the early morning hours.

Thankfully, our local Starbucks was open!


WIP Wednesday

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What’s on my hook this week are two more Lapsghans (from our Valentine’s Day project).

Loving using size K – I can whip things up a lot faster with this large crochet hook.

Food for thought…

On the eve of a New Year. I’m looking forward to 2014 & hoping it brings you the best of health & prosperity!!

Believe something good is about to happenI will continue to embrace  opportunities to do  Random Acts of Kindness – no act too small. There are many ways to be a blessing to others and to spread kindness that doesn’t cost very much.  Sometimes those opportunities come in fleeting moments that can pass quickly.

Little things for others

Perfect moment