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Fav Summer sammie



Simple fav of mine…tomato & mayo. I’ve been enjoying this fresh fruit of the season almost daily for past 2.5 weeks! Sliced thick, use your fav spread (s). Above, I also spread guac on it and had with side of dill pickles….yum! Gluten-free bread tends to be small so one thick slice of tomato = perfect fit!.






WedNesDaY vibe

Cheers to gorgeous Spring weather… love it!!!!!!!!!!

Our Farmer’s Market is bursting with colorful flowers, hanging baskets etc.


I bought this neat easy care succulent dish.



WedNesDay = fun day

Enjoyed a few of the neat happenings around my city today.

A mini Antique car show on the plaza drew a crowd around noontime. White Plains mayor, Tom Roach posed for a few pics in front of this cool Bentley.
Bentley n Mayor Roach<img src="; alt="Antique cars 6.2013" width="640" height="382" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-2257"
Antique car />Hudson Cruise day trip 10 12 12

I also spent some time at the Farmer’s Market. I picked up a large head of Kale, a large head of Romaine lettuce, spent more than I should on tomatoes, picked up a happy looking pretty pink Geranium plant (I love them!). Although I did not buy lunch, I watched as others lined up to get the VERY yum looking pulled pork sandwiches from the very delicious “Goucho Grill” restaurant. Into a large chunk of seeded Italian bread they loaded a mound of seasoned pulled pork, added their special Chimichurri sauce, lettuce and huge onions rings on top…mmm. Many were waiting to order too!
Gaucho grill serving it up @ Farmers Mkt 6.5Gauchos Pork sammies

With Starbucks at the end of the street I made my way for a refreshing break with an iced shaken green tea.

I also scored at CVS with their BOGO (buy one get one) deal on supplements/vitamins. I bought a supply of Vitamin D & Fish oil. Combing my manufactures coupons and store Q I think I made out very well. Yup, another fun WedNesDaY!