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Spring, ehh…

Mother Nature says, not so fast! Today was coldest day of Winter…. single digit temps in NY and expected to last through the week.  Not ideal walking weather… even with my insulated coat but we had a few tasks to complete.  Here are a few views we tend to take for granted. The street food vendors are always around, pretty much 365 days a year.

The M&M store is like a museum, fun for M&M lovers… from the crowds and all of the M&M filled shopping bags they appear to be thriving. I was tempted by the super cute M&M pillows myself but really…

And, Broadway, while the streets were busy, some areas are strategically closed/blocked off  and few people appear in my photos.





Rockefeller Center – NYC

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a trip into NYC’s 51st, Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree, then shopping at Bryant Park was…it never disappoints.  It was extra special as I was able to go with my niece and nephew.  Hot cocoa was naturally on the menu at Ralph’s adorable truck…I had coffee.

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Signs of Spring

It’s always beautiful to see blooming flowers at the NYC street markets.Happy faces Pansies

During stressful times in life it’s important to continue to look for, and be thankful for daily blessings.

Life goes on…Live in RW Emerson

K is for kooky…

And, for Kindness!! There was no shortage of kindness out there in the streets of NYC, & Westchester county.


During a major snafu that knocked power out to all the Metro North trains, for over two hours, during the late evening rush hour this past Thursday. Folks were rightfully upset with the long unexplained delay and inconvenience. People just wanted to get home! The Metro serves residents living in the city suburbs who come and go to work/shop etc. of NYC every day. Fortunately, there are a few transportation options available, albeit a long ride home.

So, I would like to thank the bus driver, of an Express bus line who reached into his pockets to offer us change (for the fare) – since we only had small bills, and of course, they don’t accept bills!  He also dug into his pocket as we exited the bus to offer us his Metro cards – he overheard us discussing what bus we would take to get home. Kudos to this awesome man!!

I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness of a bunch of skeins of yarn for my Stitch & Bitch group charity projects. Yayyarn!!

I will find ways to PIF = Pay It Forward PIF Snoopy

A very cool win!!

Yes, I won!! An awesome win of an overnight in midtown Manhattan, NYC in a deluxe room at the Westin Grand Central Hotel – up high on the 37th floor!! And, 4 tickets to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

The hotel was naturally luxurious. They have one restaurant, “LCL” =  $$$! However, these NY’ers are always in search of a deal. We found a cool 24/7 deli nearby: – they carry a variety of foods and at reasonable prices. We had very yum slice of White pizza – so anxious I was to dig in that I forgot to take a pic!!

View from our room

We lucked out with great weather so walking around was pleasant. It’s easy to walk miles in the city and not realize how much you’ve walked. The streets were bustling with people from all over. Tour buses, taxi’s, shoppers, passing loads of food vendors with yum items like roasting chestnuts, hot pretzels, hot dogs, knishes, kabobs and falafels. The smaller boutiques and stores like H&M were all decorated in holiday lights and colors.

The Christmas show is a spectacular for children and adults! No need to spend extra money on Orchestra seating, the first mezzanine (in first few rows) offer the best view of the stage. If you’re taking children you’ll want to prepare for the many memorabilia like handheld swirly toys, T-shirts, popcorn, beverages and cotton candy for the kids.




Not mine – but this chocolate pooch was a sweetheart. There I stood on E. 68 St today caring for a strangers furbaby while he ran an errand.

A trip through GCS

That’s New York’s Grand Central Station…

Not unlike the average New Yorker I find myself rushing through this bustling station on my way to or from somewhere important (always important! lol) It’s rare that I find myself with extra time to have a leisurely look around at the many shops and eateries. My train leaves ever 20 minutes so it’s not as though I must make a train. I tend to get caught up in the bustle to get out of the city and hustle alongside everyone else. However, I decided this time I’d slow down and take an extra half hour, window shop, stop for a quick bite and snap a few pics. I ate at, of all places, Zaro’s bakery! And now they serve grilled hot dogs and savory stuffed breads. This was perfect! So, for $2.99 I enjoyed a stuffed savory cheese & herb filled croissant. No need to sit in a restaurant or go through a menu trying to decide…this was perfect! And yes, it was rich and very yummy!

So, these pics are mostly from their Market area which has among other sections, a vibrant fruit & veggie section of local farmers produce, a gourmet cheese section, health foods, breads, bakery, snacks & nut mixes of every variety, a fish section, flowers, etc. Each stand was well stocked with fresh looking products. I need to make a trip into the city just to visit this market place…soon, I tell myself.

Lastly, on my way to my train with just 3 minutes to go I see this! I couldn’t resist *Dahlia*

Hello world!

White Plains, New York…my city, a subURBAN community in the lower Hudson Valley. We’re just a 35 minute Metro train ride into NYC.