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How you can help a family in Puerto Rico

HelpI know some folks want to help a family in Puerto Rico but do not know one…well, I do! They are a “family” of my heart, parents with a young 5 y/o boy that you can help. They live in a remote area of the island. I know it will take a lot to recover but I also know every bit will help them. They are a good and hard working family who are not looking for a hand out but will gladly receive any help as they recover from this disaster. Now that the post offices are open in PR folks can receive items.

I will be sending a box(es) soon.  I hope to collect over the next few months, through the holidays. One person can help but together we can do so much more. I’m accepting donations of products:  items like paper plates/ forks/ canned food items/ soups/ crackers/ dried goods/ hand sanitizer/ cleaning  supplies/ trash bags/ TP, paper towels/ clorox wipes/ baby wipes, etc.) or monetary donations, of any amount, you can send a gift to my paypal

No offer is too small – everything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!





Knitting pretty…

I’ve made #4 out of 30 knitted washcloths. I’m adding them to my ‘TLC packs’ for my Spring donation to the women’s  shelter. Going to wrap it around a bar of soap.

I’m enjoying using Cotton (Peaches & Creme) and working with the variegated yarn, in Spring colors!! 🙂

Happy Spring!! Happy Palm Sunday and the start of the Holy week.

K is for kooky…

And, for Kindness!! There was no shortage of kindness out there in the streets of NYC, & Westchester county.


During a major snafu that knocked power out to all the Metro North trains, for over two hours, during the late evening rush hour this past Thursday. Folks were rightfully upset with the long unexplained delay and inconvenience. People just wanted to get home! The Metro serves residents living in the city suburbs who come and go to work/shop etc. of NYC every day. Fortunately, there are a few transportation options available, albeit a long ride home.

So, I would like to thank the bus driver, of an Express bus line who reached into his pockets to offer us change (for the fare) – since we only had small bills, and of course, they don’t accept bills!  He also dug into his pocket as we exited the bus to offer us his Metro cards – he overheard us discussing what bus we would take to get home. Kudos to this awesome man!!

I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness of a bunch of skeins of yarn for my Stitch & Bitch group charity projects. Yayyarn!!

I will find ways to PIF = Pay It Forward PIF Snoopy