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Purple hat scarf and handbag set for Kristen 1 2 13

Just finished this cute hat, scarf & handbag set for my niece in some of her favorite colors. Red Heart w/Love Waterlily makes for a nice contrast.


I’m ready for cooler weather!! So pleased with my over-sized soft & cozy scarf made of Homespun (in Tudor)…I just love the colors!
I tried making a matching hat but I didn’t like the way it looked early on so I “frogged” it. Instead I’m using the leftover yarn and making a smaller version of this scarf (using larger hook, an N) which will be donated to the ladies shelter.


Ok, so it’s hotter than anything and most folks want to just soak in a cool pool but I’m thinking cool weather!! So, I’ve started working on my very first cool weather project…it will be a scarf and hat set, for me! A few months back I visited the Lion Brand Yarn store and picked up a huge skein of this Homespun yarn. It’s very soft and the colors pleasing with some blue, light green, purple & cream colors. Unfortunately, it has no label with the color so I am at a lost when others ask. I’m not a huge fan of Homespun simply because I often find myself needing to “frog” (unravel and few rows) and it resists. But, so far so good!

This is the finished “mystery” project I mentioned awhile back. It was a surprise bd gift for my friend, Kim.