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New finds in 2017

My pretty new monthly calendar was 50% off (for waiting 2 weeks) @ Barnes & Noble.


Love to snag a nice deal on these Tocca roller-ball fragrance. They were 50% @ Anthropologie and one regular price at my other fav, Sephora. I’ve enjoyed the ‘Cleopatra’ (foral) scent for awhile now and needed a new one. I also decided to try, and like both the ‘Stella’ (citrusy) and ‘Florence’ (woodsy). I lke them all!



Gr8 product!!

Chatting today with some of my Stitch & Bitch ladies about foot care I shared this: I’ve had the best ever foot file for years!! Many years ago I bought it for a lot more then what it sells for now! Not only does this product work beautifully but it never dulls…diamonds!! Use it while in the shower and your foot under water, it will keep your feet smooth and in sandal wearing condition with little effort. Oh and my all time fav toe polish is yes, RED!!