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Spring blooms…

Some of the beautiful Springtime blooms in Washington, D.C.



Dance in the rain

BLUE orchid

My appreciation of flowers came from my mom’s passion for plants. She even named me after a flower, Dahlia.

From very young, mom had her hands in our small garden. She wore those cutesy floral cotton garden gloves and enriched the soil with old coffee grounds and egg shells way before composting became popular. She grew the most beautiful Peonies, huge Roses, Dahlias, and Tulips. She put a lot of energy and love into it. Our yard was bursting with colors all Spring & Summer long, year after year. In Fall, I’d kneel beside helping her deadhead the Marigolds after they bloomed…the dried up flower heads would come off with the slightest touch. Every Spring we’d plant each tiny seed knowing how full and beautiful a plant each seed would become.

During this emotionally difficult time for me, as I watch my mom dying from Cancer and her “Season” is coming to a close I am sad. Yet,  I can hear her saying, “This too shall pass”,  “For everything there is a Season”, “Life goes on”… How very true. My heart is heavy and I am even more easily moved to tears but, I am grateful and learning to dance in the rain.

Thank you mom. Thank you God.


“For everything their is a Season”

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Yellow flowers for Spring



Season of Hope

BotanicalsSpring, a season of nature’s beauty, renewal and hope. It’s a reminder that life = constant change. All things grow …and come to pass.

Although I feel devastated these days, since my mom’s diagnosis of stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. I know it too will all pass. A phrase my mom has always used “this too shall pass”. Embrace the day(s) and the moment is what I remind myself throughout the day.

On this first day of Spring I have to have Faith that my mom’s end days will be peaceful. Not the pain filled hours that my mind creates and often obsesses about. 😦 I force myself to engage with the world (even though I feel like retreating). Life is good, God is good.

I’m blessed with a husband who provides enormous love and support during my emotional lows. I have friends who care. They know that I am likely to burst into tears at any given moment, and that’s OK. I walk around with water-filled eyes, yet I still wear eyeliner!! I just need to carry a box of Puffs tissues with me! I have received cards of support and it feels like a huge hug jumping out from the card. I am so very grateful.

As life happens, it turns out that a dear friend just lost her mom a few weeks ago. Naturally, she is grieving – “we will get through this” she said. Yes, we will, I replied.

Signs of Spring

It’s always beautiful to see blooming flowers at the NYC street markets.Happy faces Pansies

During stressful times in life it’s important to continue to look for, and be thankful for daily blessings.

Life goes on…Live in RW Emerson

Just remember…

in the Winter far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed
That with the sun’s love
In the Spring
Becomes the rose…

Crocheted colorful flower