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I’ve stocked up on my spices for the Winter. Purchased them on Amazon but it can easily be found in your local supermarket shelves. I prefer Organic/good quality spice.

Tumeric is great for combating inflammation in the body too. I add 1t of Tumeric and add a few dashes of Black Pepper (it helps to boost the absorption of curcumin), Cinnamon & Ginger and steep it all for 7 minutes with my tea bag.

There are a number of ways to sneak Tumeric into homecooked meals like. I cook Latin foods which already use a lot of spice so adding Tumeric to: brown rice dishes, beans, stews, roasted chicken, meatloaf/balls, soups, eggs, potatoes, tomato sauce… – just about everything is easy.

My love of BIG

I had a great find at my local ShopRite when Bigelow tea went on sale last week for $1.49 a box – that’s more than half off! It was time to restock! As much as I enjoy a good cup of java I also love tea. Not so much “ordinary” tea but Chai, Green & many of the Herbal teas. These are my fav’s.

My fav Bigelow trio

The best thing is they are all as yum served iced. During the heat of Summer their Spearmint/Mint is fabulous – I serve it iced to my guests who always comment how good and refreshing it is. The best part is I never have to add any sweeteners – it just doesn’t need it!

Bigelow Chai Tea bagMug of Cranberry Hibiscus Bigelow Tea
I’m off to enjoy my hot mug of deep red yummy Cranberry Hibiscus!